The Vox Kitchen – Shara Gillow is back

Australian rider Shara Gillow is in the Vox Kitchen again, and this time she is baking. What’s on the menu?

Sugar Free Flan

Four eggs.
50 g Stevia.
100 g Corn flour.
700 g of milk. (I used rice milk)
30 g butter.
The juice of half a lemon.
Tsp. Cinnamon.


Mix the eggs, stevia and corn flour together with an electric mixer for four minutes until a lighter, pale colour.

Bring the milk, butter, lemon juice and cinnamon to boil in a large pot.
Pour into the egg mixture.

Then very quickly, pour all ingredients combined back into the pot on the stove to cook for 1-2 mins. Make sure you keep whisking the whole time so not to form lumps.

Then pour mixer into a lined baking tin. Dust the sides with flour before.

Cook for one hour on 160 degrees or until colour starts to form on top.

Cool & then refrigerate for four hours before serving. Enjoy and try not to eat it all at once! ?

If you’re giving this recipe a go, please send us photos of the finished product!

IG: @voxwomencycling / @sharagillow

T: @voxwomencycling


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