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Cofidis announces team roster

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Cofidis is venturing into the world of women’s cycling next season, and has today unveiled its full squad of riders.

The team consists of new emerging talents as well as veteran riders with more than 30 years of UCI World Tour experience. One of the squad’s stated goals is to support young talents to enable them to perform at the highest level.

The team is designed to be complementary in order to be successful on all levels: “We have a team that will allow us to aim for places of honour in the mountain stages, sprints and the classics”, says team manager Gael Le Bellec. He also specifies that “the number of riders remains limited – 10 – but this allows us to accompany them individually and to put them in the best position to perform during the races”

The roster is as follows:

Clara KOPPENBURG,  26 years old
Rachel NEYLAN,  39 years old
Gabrielle PILOTE-FORTIN,  28 years old
Sandra LEVENEZ,  42 years old
Pernille MATHIESEN,  23 years old
Martina ALZINI,  24 years old
Alana CASTRIQUE,  22 years old
Olivia ONESTI,  17 years old
Valentine FORTIN,  22 years old
Cédrine KERBAOL,  20 years old

Cédric Vasseur, General Manager of Cofidis: “We are delighted to announce the 2022 line-up of the first women’s team in the history of Cofidis. We have worked with determination and patience to build the team. It was important for us to find the right balance between young talents and experienced riders. As with the UCI World Tour team, we are pursuing this policy of support and assistance for the youngest riders in order to build long-term relationships and help the talents of tomorrow emerge. Throughout the coming year, we will also strive to share our know-how and our approach to performance with the women’s team as much as possible.”

Image credit: Cofidis Team


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