Ciara Horne on the Road to Rio

I’m going to the Olympic Games…

Since the age of 10, it has been my dream to compete at the Olympic Games. I remember watching the Sydney Games in 2000 and being inspired by the likes of Ian Thorpe and Cathy Freeman. I loved it – the pinnacle of any athlete’s career.


People have been asking me, four years ago did you think you’d be getting on a plane to Rio? My answer is that I hoped I would be, even though many around me would have thought I was crazy to think it was possible. I guess that’s the important message here is, dare to dream! Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t achieve something. I’ve been very fortunate to have had the best support from my parents, family, boyfriend, friends, Welsh cycling and British cycling (you know who you all are and I’m truly grateful for your support).

Two days ago, I had the honour of meeting Denise Lewis at the kitting out at the NEC. She talked to us about the Olympic Games before we went on to get our Olympic kit and I found myself feeling very teary eyed! But I said to myself “do not cry, no one else is crying, whatever you do, don’t cry!” I’ve read her autobiography and watched her compete at the Olympic Games when I was growing up, so to have her speak to us about “joining this special club” felt very surreal.

The Olympic kit is incredible, I had THE best day trying it all on and loved every minute. I wanted to wear the kit to bed… But I was worried my fake tan might ruin it!

So next up, we have a few more track sessions in Manchester before we head to our holding camp in Newport next week, I’m looking forward to seeing some familiar faces from Welsh cycling and maybe one or two welsh cakes at the Celtic Manor!

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