What is Voxwomen?

Voxwomen puts you at the heart of women’s cycling. Our team take you behind the scenes of one of the most beautiful sports in the world to bring you insightful content direct from the teams, riders, brands and events. Voxwomen wants to inspire and motivate women who ride – and to give them a platform to shout about their sport. As a supporter of Voxwomen you are helping build one of the fastest growing women’s sports in the world.



Our team keep an eye on all the news from the world of women’s cycling. Our Monday briefing brings you up to date with all the knowledge you need. 


Written content of the tales, travels and travails from within the professional peloton.


Every two weeks, the Voxwomen Insider takes you ‘inside’ the women’s cycling peloton through the eyes of different guests.

Voxwomen TV

The world’s first dedicated online women’s cycling video channel that gives you an exclusive insight into cycling through the women’s international peloton.

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Voxwomen on-line store. Purchase our products and help increase women’s cycling popularity across the globe.  


Join us on one of our events to bring women all over the world together.

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