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What is the Voxwomen Insider powered by Canyon Podcast?

The Voxwomen Insider is hosted by professional rider Abby Mickey.  Every two weeks,  Abby takes you ‘inside’ the women’s cycling peloton through the eyes of different guests and from her own experiences as a rider. The podcast, released on a Monday, will deliver you the rundown on what’s been happening at the UCI Women’s World Tour races as well as analysis of the races and the who’s who of the peloton.  Abby and the Voxwomen team will interview a guest on the show every week. From professional riders, to the women behind the scenes in the sport, the Voxwomen Insider powered by Canyon will deliver all your need to know about what’s going on in women’s cycling.

How do I listen to the podcast?



The podcast can now be listened to on Spotify!


Your host:

The Voxwomen Insider powered by Canyon is hosted for you by American professional road cyclist Abby Mickey.

About Abby

Abby currently rides for the UCI Women’s team Rally Cycling in the United States. She is one of those people who’s constantly cracking jokes and then laughing at them herself, so when podcasts started being all the rage, Abby jumped on that bandwagon, starting her own podcast, Wheel Talk, in order to get to know women in the sport of cycling. After starting an internship with Voxwomen, Abby gave up Wheel Talk to push a new podcast that would cover women’s racing, and interview women at the top level of the sport. Working with guest presenters and a host of the top UCI Women’s World Tour riders makes for the perfect combination of podcasting magic.

Thanks to the sponsor of the Voxwomen Insider – Canyon.