Kasia Niewiadoma reflects on her OVOWT win

Hello Hello! 🙂

What a crazy and weird last few weeks I have had!!!

Coming back to Girona after my small break in Poland wasn’t as ideal as I had planned it to be! When the first part of the season finished with Liège-Bastogne-Liège I headed back home with my family who were supporting me at these races in order to take few days off and completely forget about cycling life. I was feeling pure joy being surrounded by people who I truly love and care about. But as always I have to learn from my own mistakes, let me explain…

Spring was a really intensive period for me! I did plenty of hard training sessions and aggressive races which ultimately put my body on the edge. I was really exhausted and should have taken better care of my body to bring it back to the normal and right level. I had appointments with a physio; stretching and rolling are pretty essential in terms of recovery but I totally neglected it and eventually faced knee problems.

Initially I didn’t think it was anything too serious and I thought I could easily continue with my preparations towards second part of the season. Unfortunately it wasn’t so easy to overcome it! I had to take extra rest which is not nice thing to accept, especially when you are so eager to start training harder and your important races are getting closer and closer! Thanks to my coach and team I stayed relaxed and calm, repeating to myself that everything happens for a reason. Now whilst writing this blog I have huge smile on my face!!! Why? Because I just won OVOWT in the UK! My first big victory! It’s just incredible what I feel right now! 

Coming to this race I had no expectations. I knew that I would suffer as I didn’t train properly and hadn’t raced for 7 weeks!

My head was focused on riding for the team, for Marianne who was in excellent shape! Just one attack during fist stage decided my team’s success and my own successful week in UK! 

Many people have asked me about this stage. What can I say? Our plan was to have fun during each stage and to go with our feelings in that moment – which is exactly what I did! I love to race without waiting for important moments and finals, I love to feel free and be myself! 

This stage was really special for me. Maybe not because of my first big victory but due to amazing person who gave me amazing motivation determination and strength! It’s just incredible how a small message written on pink ribbon can change your perspective for life and thoughts in your head! (To make it clear, before the race we were given ribbons with few words from women who suffer from Breast cancer). I realised how stupid I had been in thinking that my knee problems were the end of the world, bothering myself about how things would be further on in the season blah blah blah. Then I got the chance to meet that lady with a really serious health problem… Cancer is a beast. I was moved and just wanted to ride this race for her. I wanted to give something more than I normally do in a race! I wanted to cross my limits and try to overcome the pain barriers… all for her! I wanted her to feel that she isn’t alone!

I made it, or actually WE made it! Together, female power is amazing 🙂 I even had the chance to meet her and she was amazing! She was exactly the person that I was imagining in my head during this long solo break away! There is something so special between us that no words can describe it – I feel like I have known her for forever and she feels the same! So at the end of a week as crazy as this I am thinking how can you not love your life? When at the least expected time you experience the best moments?! 

I’m about to finish my blog, I had to write it all over again as the past few days have changed everything that I wanted to say! 🙂 Now I’m heading back to Girona and going to take some rest and then enjoy my life even more! 

The Giro is coming and I am super excited for it!

And my final words… THANK YOU ALL for supporting me! Giving me a reason to smile and having fun! WM3 Team thank you!!!! WE DID IT FINALLY! 

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